We were saddened to hear of Dr. Donn’s passing. He was very special to us and our pets. We had two dogs and three cats that he helped us with over the years.

Dr. Donn performed acupuncture on our Golden Retriever, Tiffany. After the first session, he was her friend for life.

One year at Christmas we decided to prepare homemade German cookies for Dr. Donn and his staff, They were a very big hit, especially with Dr. Donn. From that time on, we made a second tin of those cookies just for him. He even called and left a message on our recorder to thank us for “his” cookies. We usually make those cookies at Christmas, so when we do, we always think of Dr. Donn.

He will remain in our hearts for the rest of our lives. We’re thinking of Gayle and the whole family at this time.

John & Brenda Finfgeld

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