Dear Gayle,

Donn, Nick and Richard (Book) were the sophomore roommates at Sigma Chi Fraternity in Purdue University. Donn, Nick and Book maintained their friendship for almost 60 years. Book passed away on October 26, 2018, year and a half ago by melanoma. Nick is still active and lives in Florida. Donn will unite with Book in Heaven and re-bond their brotherhood. They will protect us (you and me) from Heaven.

Donn used to attend many national veterinary conferences and when he came to California, we always got together. When Donn attended national veterinary conferences in Florida, he got together with Nick.

Nick is looking for threesome (Donn, Nick and Book) photos and photos at Purdue. Nick will try to send you separately.

I could not find old photos so I attached recent photos of Nick & Jena, Book & me, Book’s Obit Photo, etc. for you to see them.

Hope we can build up threesome (You for Donn, Yasuyo for Book and Nick) friendship in the future. I just lost my husband so I can really feel for you. Hope I could be one of your emotional supports.

Donn was such a wonderful, loving, active and generous man. We all miss him dearly.

Warm regards,
Yasuyo (Yaya) Katsumata-Stall

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